Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Don't Ask For Much For Christmas, But...

My friend Joe Pickering Jr. has put together four CDs over his career, and they are mostly baseball-themed albums. He is currently working on his fifth album, and one of the songs is "All I Want For Christmas Is The Yankees to Lose." And with our favorite team going down the crapper yet again this season, it is a sentiment I couldn't agree with more.

His new album will be available some time down the road, at, but Joe sent me a YouTube clip of the song. The vocals are done by Phil Coley:

You can also check out more of Joe's music at King of the Road Music. Here is one of Joe's best songs, "Hell Freezes Over", from 2004. (It should make Sox fans feel a little better.)

Good luck with the new album, Joe. If the Red Sox aren't in the winner's circle this season, I'll have a better off-season if it is also not occupied by anyone wearing pinstripes.

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