Monday, August 20, 2012

Change Can Be a Good Thing

Those of you who regularly come here and read my rantings may have notice a subtle change here in the last week or so.

I've decided to move away from my day-to-day commentary about every Red Sox game. I've enjoyed doing that, but it can get a bit tiresome, especially in a season heading for a rotten conclusion.

I will, of course, be writing about the Red Sox, and will always have my Sneak Peek Trivia question up every Monday, and the Trivia Night Q&A up every Wednesday.

It was just time for a change. I'm not planning any other changes at this time. BTW, for good game-by-game analysis of Sox games, I recommend "Joy of Sox" and "Fenway West" for that, among the many good Red Sox bloggers out there..

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