Saturday, August 04, 2012

Finding New & More Impressive Ways to Lose

I thought the first two losses this weekend to the Minnesota Twins were bad.

This one was beyond the pale.

Clay Buchholz, the Red Sox ace, was terrific again. 7 strong innings, one earned run. Couldn't ask any more from him.

The bullpen was complete crap.

Five runs in the final two innings allowed, including a three-run shot by Joe Mauer off Alfredo Aceves with Minnesota down to their last strike. (And the pitch before that was a ball. Clearly outside.)

The Twins, who are playing like they are in the hunt for a playoff spot, win 6-4.

Another disgraceful loss. It's the ninth straight loss by the Red Sox to a team under .500.

And if the Twins win on Sunday, I really wonder if Bobby Valentine will still be employed on Monday.

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