Monday, August 24, 2009

A Fine Day at The Fens

Here are some shots my buddy Governor Chris Wertz took at Fenway Park this past Saturday:

Being acknowledged on the scoreboard in the second inning.

Hanging with my buddies at the Baseball Tavern before the contest.A partial shot of the group in Section 3 of the RF Grandstand. (Yours Truly is in the middle row looking off to the left.)Doing a spirited version of "Sweet Caroline" with the Red Sox up 12-1. (I'm on the far left.)My friend Bravo wearing one of the more popular shirts in Fenway that day.


SoSock said...

Looks like fun!

per earlier post - no confusion here
well, for 3 games anyway - after that please fall on your sword :)

BTW - Did you get my e-mail and did the picture open? (I'm not so hot on these things)

The Omnipotent Q said...

I can't root against Texas this week either, SoSock, even though in reality we all should...I never got your email, SoSock. Can you please send it again?