Red Sox Season Finale vs. NY

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Your New AL Leader In Blown Saves

It is now seven, by future ex-Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Yet another embarrassing 9th inning performance by Papelbon, in flushing away a three-game home series to Chicago. And it was capped off by some stiff named Robert Manuel (not to be confused with Richard Manuel, who committed suicide many years ago by hanging himself) who walked in the two winning runs after Papelbon coughed up the lead. The last four Chicago hitters who got on all reached on walks. Pathetic.

Papelbon was charged with all four runs in the ninth. He didn't cover second base when Carlos Quentin saw it was uncovered on his hit to center, and took it. Frankly, Papelbon simply can't carry Mariano Rivera's jockstrap right now.

White Sox 7, Red Sox 5.

"No, we don't want to win this game. Here, you guys take it."

Nice way to embarrass all your loyal fans, guys.

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