Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did Anyone Learn Anything From Kendry Morales?

The answer appears to be: no.

I thought there was a possibility that those stupid, inane, imbecilic "dogpile" celebrations that got Kendry Morales a season-ending injury on May 29th would finally come to an end, as perhaps the players would finally wise up and stop acting like wild idiots just because someone ended a game in the final at-bat.

Silly me.

What set off this rant? I was watching the highlights of the games tonight, and saw James Loney's home run that beat the Mets in 13 innings at Dodger Stadium this afternoon. And at the close of the highlights, I saw the usual dogpile of nonsense, and then I saw one of the Dodgers, Matt Kemp, actually put a wrestling slam on Loney, a body slam, in the "celebration." (If you check on this link, you can see Kemp putting it on Loney in the beginning before you look at the video. But it doesn't show the actual home run or the aftermath, which is strange because this video is from Fox Sports, which showed the game.)

What the hell is this asshole using for brains? Does he really want to injure his teammate??

Unbelievable. In the two months following Morales' injury, the usual pileups are still happening at home plate and in the field.

Nobody has learned anything. And it really pisses me off.

As many of you know, I have been warning about this for years. MLB has done nothing about it, and in the light of the Morales injury, they really should have warned all 30 teams to cut out the unnecessary crap, that just because you won a game in your last at-bat should be no cause to act like you just won the World Series. In the immortal words of the legendary head coach Vince Lombardi (who was talking about touchdown celebrations), "Act like you've been there before."

Now I am waiting for the next serious injury to occur in one these things. And it will. Bank on it. Just a matter of when, not if. I just hope it's not a Red Sox player.

And I bet nobody learns anything after that one happens, too.

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