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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Come Into the 21st Century, Guys

Earlier today I discovered a company online called "Zazzle," that sells all kind of products. I nearly fell over backwards laughing when I discovered that they were selling this t-shirt, and for $15.95:

(Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post the photo online.)

Yep, they are selling "1918" shirts, under the heading "A Little Taste of Reality For All Boston Fans." I bet they are still selling like hotcakes.

Have you stopped laughing yet?

Talk about a company that's been hiding under a rock for most of this current century.


Steel36 said...

Huh? Someone needs to stop drinking The Kool Aid and eating the hash brownies.

Wow, some people will not let it go...

Allison said...

you saw that was posted in 2003 right? and also zazzle is a site like cafe press where you can pretty much get anything on any type of clothing. its just some yankee fan looking to make a buck.

Tex said...

Seriously???? That's as creative as they can get?? I'd say, let's do a cost beneficial analysis for the last oh let's say....20 years.
Compare the salary's of the players and the number of WS Rings between our boys and theirs.
They have 4 vs our 2 in the last 20....but I would venture to say we've spent less. Or has Bill James already did that stat?q

The Omnipotent Q said...

Actually, I didn't see that was posted in 2003, Allison. (It would be, wouldn't it?) You would think whoever is selling it would have the good sense to take it down, as even the dumbest of Yankee fans (and that's a considerable number) wouldn't spend five cents to buy that. I'm sure most of the nitwits who have owned them have either buried them in their closets or thrown them in their fireplaces by now.

I've seen some of the more "creative" ones that have come out since the Sox titles this decade, Tex, and most of them ram home the fact the MFY have won 26 championships, or the newest one that now "denies" there was ever a curse (because the Red Sox just "sucked"). Pathetic stuff.