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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shocker at Anfield

In a last-minute shocker, Liverpool was knocked out of the FA Cup 5th Round by Championship (second division) club Barnsley, 2-1, before a disbelieving throng at Anfield on Saturday.

I caught most of the match on Fox Soccer Channel. Liverpool had most of the play, as Dirk Kuyt scored in the 32nd minute to put the Merseysiders up 1-0. It stayed that way until Barnsley's Steve Foster scored in the 57th minute (pictured) off a beautiful cross. It looked for all the world like a replay at Barnsley was going to happen, until Barnsley captain Brian Howard scored with 35 seconds to play in added time to give Barnsley an incredible upset win and a birth in the FA Cup quarterfinals. (Barnsley is currently in the middle of the pack of the Championship, 29 places beneath Liverpool.) The Liverpool faithful booed the home side lustily at the final whistle.

This is one of the those losses Liverpool have only themselves to blame. They had many great chances to add to their lead, but every chance came to nothing. Barnsley's goalkeeper, Luke Steele, who was an emergency callup, played a phenomenal game in the net, and the Barnsley defense bent but didn't break, so all credit to them.

No league title, no FA Cup for Liverpool this year. The Champions League is all they have left, and an important match against Inter Milan on Tuesday.


Michael Leggett said...

Like The Beatles said "It's Been A Hard Day's Night", only that was a Hard Day's Day

Sidd Finch said...

Will the Mighty Reds ever win championship #19? The way things are going, probably not.

The Omnipotent Q said...

It's been 18 years since Liverpool won the League championship. Keep the faith, Sidd. I've waited longer for my teams to win titles...But I have to admit I feel the same way about the Minnesota Vikings at times...