Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Less Years, Less Moolah

Cliff Lee stunned the baseball world on Monday night by agreeing to a five year, $100 million deal with his old NL club, the Philadelphia Phillies. It also contains a vesting option for a sixth year.

I heard tonight that the Yankees offered Lee six years, with an option for a seventh, for a whopping $138 million.

If Lee rejecting them isn't a total repudiation of the New York Yankees, I don't know what is. Sounds like he had no interest whatsoever in coming to the Bronx.

So where do the Yankees turn to next to find a quality starter? I hear Carl Pavano is still out there...

And I wonder what those fans who yelled obscenities at Cliff's wife at a game in the Bronx this past summer are thinking tonight...

UPDATE (12/14, 3:51 PM): It is now reported that Lee's deal is five years, $120 million, so it is now worth more per year than New York or Texas offered.

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