Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best Record Of Any NFL Team On Tuesday Nights

I had devote most of my time last night to my Trivia Night, and I can usually only watch a sporting event in drips and drabs on any Tuesday night. And I honestly didn't think the Vikings would give the Philadelphia Eagles much of a fight last night in the rescheduled game in Philly.

After losing on a combined score of 61-17 the last two weeks, I feared the worst. The Vikings were a two-touchdown underdog, but sure didn't play like one.

Joe Webb made his first NFL career start with Brett Favre inactive. Webb went 17-for-29 with 195 yards and a very impressive nine-yard TD scramble that put the Vikings up 17-7 in the middle of the third quarter.

Philly opened the scoring in the first quarter on a three-yard TD pass by Michael Vick. In the second quarter with 44 seconds to play in the half, Vick fumbled and Antoine Winfield return it 45 yards for a TD to make it 7-7.

Ryan Longwell hit a 30-yard FG to open the scoring in the second half. In the fourth, Vick ran for a TD from 10 yards to make it 17-14, and seeing that I thought the bubble would burst for the Vikes.

But the defense held strong, and Adrian Peterson score the final TD from 2 yards out to make it 24-14. AP ran for 118 yards on the night after missing the game against Chicago with a thigh injury. Peterson was also the Viking selected to this year's Pro Bowl. (Last season the Vikings had ten players go, and that shows you how far they have fallen as a team.)

Granted the Eagles had already wrapped up the division when the Giants lost to Green Bay on Sunday, but this loss denies Philly any shot at a first round bye. It's been a lost season for the Vikings, but they showed some pride last night, especially having to wait around for two extra days to play the game. Leslie Frazier is now 3-2 as head coach.

The Vikes are now 1-0 in their history on Tuesday nights, an undefeated record no other NFL team can match. (This was also the first NFL game played on Tuesday since 1946.)

The Vikings, now 6-9, will put the 2010 season to a merciful rest in Detroit on Sunday.

And the word is now in on Brett Favre and the NFL's investigation into his inappropriate text and phone messages fiasco: he will be fined $50,000.

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