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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

He's Not Just The Donald, He's Also a Client

I was watching the ass-whuppin' the Patriots gave to the Jets, 45-3 on Monday night with a bunch of my Patriot fan compadres in Manhattan at my friend Rhonda's place, when the camera focused on Patriots owner Robert Kraft in his private box early in the game.

And who should be sitting right near him but Donald Trump (who sure didn't look happy, as you know he was pulling for the Jets). And a sudden gust of wind in the box made The Donald's hair(piece?) do some serious dancing.

It sent waves of laughter through Rhonda's apartment.

Enjoy this for yourself:

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Peter N said...

Q, I know one thing for sure. The Donald had a scalp reduction (yipes!) years ago to make what hair he has fill his "top" more fully. How do I know that? The things that stick in my mind are baffling.