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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weird Logic

I'm trying figure this one out. The Red Sox wanted to send Adam Stern as the player-to-be-named-later to Baltimore to complete the Javy Lopez deal. Stern had to clear waivers to complete the deal, but the Tampa Bay Devil Rays put in a claim on him, so the Sox pulled him back. Apparently, according to published reports, Tampa Bay did this to screw the Red Sox, who they claim approached Julio Lugo's agent about a contract extension if they traded for him back before July 31. (Lugo was eventually traded to the Dodgers for two minor leaguers.)

What Tampa Bay says happened is considered tampering, and illegal by MLB rules. But if they believe Red Sox management did tamper with Lugo (Sox say they didn't), then why haven't the boys from Tampa put in a tampering claim with MLB's office?

And by blocking the Stern-to-Baltimore deal (they could because they have a worse record than the Orioles), they aren't screwing with the Red Sox, they are hurting the Orioles. The Red Sox and Orioles have now agreed to make the deal after the season ends.

Very strange. Makes me wonder what these guys in Florida are using for brains.

I bet for Adam Stern it must seem really strange, playing at Pawtucket knowing he'll be going to the Orioles organization once the season concludes.

And it's time for the Sox to drop that hammer down on these Tampa Bay upstarts. If this wasn't strange enough, I read where they played a part of "Sweet Caroline" after Greg Norton hit the game-winning homer on Sunday to beat the Red Sox at Tropicana Dome.

The two teams play again in late September. Pull out the whoopin' sticks then and show these muttonheads who's boss.

And not to mess with our song as well!!


Michael Leggett said...

Tampa Bay, in the Kazmir-Zambrano Trade, only took X-Rays & no MRI, in regards to Zambrano's Condition:

Low rent Scumb---!

Julie said...

i like stern. a lot. i don't see the need to trade a solid young outfielder for an old catcher we probably won't have for very long and who won't play much anyways with belli back soon, and tek in a few weeks, plus corky miller here and there.
i thought the FO didn't want to trade for washed-up old players.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I wouldn't call Lopez washed-up just yet. And he could be a valuable bench addition after Varitek returns. Stern struggled all year at Pawtucket, and I don't think he has much of a future in Boston. A trade to Baltimore might help him in the long run.