Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tough Break For The Mets

The Mets suffered a devastating blow when relief pitcher Duaner Sanchez was injured in a taxi accident in Miami, where the Mets start a three-game series with the Marlins tonight. It will probably knock him out for the rest of the season. (What is it with the Mets and taxis? Tom Glavine was slightly injured in an accident going from the airport to Shea Stadium a couple of years ago, and it made big news here.) Sanchez seperated his pitching shoulder, and may need surgery on it.

So the Mets traded Xavier Nady, who'd been a nice surprise for the Mets, to Pittsburgh for pitchers Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez. Perez has been a terrible disappointment, after having a breakout season for the Bucs as a starter in 2004, and was sent to the minors earlier this season. Hernandez figures to step into Sanchez' spot as a main setup man. Nady's departure means that Lastings Milledge will be back to play right field on a full time basis.

And boy, did ESPN get it wrong yesterday, when they announced that the Mets had swung a deal with the Padres for star setup man Scott Linebrink. Perez and Heath Bell were supposed to be going to San Diego in the deal and they said it was done. It was NOT done, as the Padres decided not to pull the trigger on the trade. I thought the Mets had pulled off a real coup with that deal. I nearly called my dad to tell him the good news in Florida, when I thought better of it. I'm glad I didn't make the call.


Michael Leggett said...

The Mets & Taxis go together like Gasoline & a Match:

Someone always gets burned.

Michael Leggett said...

Robbie H comes home, again:

Maybe a bit winded, but he got the job done.