Saturday, August 05, 2006

Michael Kay Is A Big Fat Idiot

Al Franken may have used a similar title in a book about Rush Limbaugh, but it certainly applies to YES network shill and complete asshole Michael Kay, who made an absolute gem of a statement yesterday on his daily radio show on ESPN Radio. He opened it with this:

"On this day, August 4th, 2006, I declare the Red Sox officially dead."

Where do I start with the complete lunacy of this statement? The Yankees are currently 1 game up in the AL East, and the Red Sox lead the Wild Card by a half-game. But in Kay's world, the Sox are finished because of their injuries. The Sox and Yankees still have nine head-to-head meetings before this season is done, and there are still just under two months to go in the 2006 season. So much can happen, especially between these two clubs.

Kay is a complete and utter buffoon. But of course, that's not a news flash.

If that wasn't enough, a number of Yankee fans called his show to complain and say that Kay was jinxing their team with making such a rash statement about the Red Sox. (And another fan set him off about "baseball etiquette" in not mentioning on the air that a perfect game or no-hitter was going on.) Kay in response had a complete meltdown on the air, and started ranting about "slaves" and "the Nazis." Extraordinarily weird stuff, even for a jackass like Kay.

The great blog site Fire Joe Morgan, has a great article about it. Follow this link:, where you can read, and even hear, more about it.

Thanks to my friend Chris for alerting me to just another reason to despise Michael Kay, one of the worst sports broadcasters currently employed today.


Michael Leggett said...


Spare Me!

I listened to a caller whine(In Yankee Fan Tradition)about jinxing a perfect game;

Kay made valid points about Kaat mentioning the perfect games of Wells & Cone, which was fine, until the "Baseball Ediquette" ramble about slaves & the Holocost, & Kay became an emotional wreck;

The YES Network is as relavent, as Tim Mc Carver was today(NOT);

See "Stabbed By Foulke" for a complete synapsis of Tim's latest '04 ALCS Rant.

Peter N said...

Thank goodness his employer is not our Sox.

Michael Leggett said...

Kay rambled that the Cone Game on MSG, but that game with the Expos was on FOX5NY, with Murcer & The Formidable Mc Carver;

It was Yogi Berra Day & the Temperature was 93F;

Yogi spoke with emotion & my Father cried; So did I, for that matter;

A cute Little Aside was that Tim's Grandson, then a newborn, was on that telecast;

I hopen that he is NOT as talkative as his grandfather;

Montreal provided no real opposition;

Cone's career took a major tumble after that game;

Kay, in all of his histrionics, got his information wrong.

Ollie said...

Michael Kay is typical of the (so called experts) of sports! Look at me I'll slam someone else to pump myself up. Yeah Baby... Is he related to Felger? Another idiot. Ones who most likely did not have talent to make it to the BIG SHOW, and have to pump their ego by cutting someone else up. The list goes on, and on and on of idiot announcers.