All-Star Game at Washington

Friday, August 25, 2006

Off To Seattle

Well, put a hold on the funeral arrangements. The Red Sox had a great three days in Anaheim, winning two of three, and most importantly, pitched very well, from both the starters and relievers.

Hope, once again, springs eternal.

Manny Ramirez appears to be legitimately injured, with knee and hamstring woes. I've been hearing the usual conspiracy-talk nonsense from the usual suspects about how Manny's not really hurt and has given up on the season. Good Lord.

Hopefully Manny's back in the lineup by the end of this weekend.

Mark Loretta missed two games due to a sore quad, but should be in the lineup tonight. I was impressed with the debut of Dustin Pedroia in the Anaheim series. (Or should I say "L.A. of Anaheim?" God, is that ever stupid.) He hit the ball hard, and mostly into bad luck, right at people. But he looks like a seasoned veteran turning the double play at second. He'll be around for the rest of the season, and he should be a starter in 2007. It's just a matter of at which position: 2B or SS.

Josh Beckett had his second best start of the year (after his eight shutout innings against Kansas City back at Fenway in June), pitching six solid innings before leaving with a cut middle finger on his throwing hand. (Naturally the conspiracy theorists were going on about a possible blister.) If the Sox can get THIS Beckett for the rest of the year, their chances will be extremely better for a playoff slot in October.

The Mariners did the Sox a favor by beating the Yankees two of three this week. The favors end tonight, as the Red Sox go to Safeco. The Sox are now 5 1/2 back in the East, 4 in the WC.

Don't write the eulogies just yet.

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Michael Leggett said...

Ahhhh, it's a sign that Wallace is back & working a miracle!