All-Star Game at Washington

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Restoring Order

The Red Sox got a well-earned victory last night, 5-4, against the Angels to put a stop to their longest losing streak in five years. Jon Lester once again pitched just five innings, giving up three runs, but the bullpen did a fine job, allowing only one run the rest of the way.

David Ortiz and Wily Mo Pena both hit two-run homers, but Manny Ramirez again left last night's game, and will have an MRI on his hamstring and knee. He will surely miss a couple of games. How long he will miss in total remains to be seen.

It was another very late night for me, as the game ended around 1:30 AM. I was at Professor Thom's, and it was good to see a number of my friends in attendance, rooting the Red Sox on. But last night also saw the presence of some loud-mouthed Yankee fan (who I've never seen at PT's before) who wouldn't shut his big mouth, and he got into it pretty good with a few of the Sox fans there, including myself.

I honestly don't mind if Yankee fans are in a bar like PT's, rooting for their team. My friend John was there last night, and he is one of the better Yankee fans I know. He roots for his club and is not loud or obnoxious about it. He knows his team well and talks intelligently about them and baseball in general. I've known some Yankee fans like him in my life and I enjoy talking about baseball and the rivalry with them.

But The Loud Mouth last night got me a bit steamed. He was deliberately trying to get under the skin of the Red Sox fans there. Those types I can absolutely live without. The presence of him and alcohol in the same place can make for a volitile combination. I'll never understand the motivation of people like The Loud Mouth. (He reminded me of the obnoxious Yankee fan that riled up Carla Tortelli on that classic episode of "Cheers.")

If I'm in a bar with a majority of fans from the Yankees or any other team, the last thing I'm going to be doing is shooting my mouth off, looking for a fight. That's just me.

I guess he's just an idiot in general and is the classic example of the reason why Yankee fans as a group have the reputation that they do.

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Michael Leggett said...

@ least John is a nice, civilized guy:

Unfortunately, Yankee Stadium is one HUGE "Amateur Night", with young males boasting about sucking down many beers by the bottom of the 2nd inning;

Shea never seems to be that way.