Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beat LA? LA Beaten. LA Swept.

I guess the Red Sox successfully avenged the Celtics NBA Finals loss for their fans by sweeping the LA Dodgers out of Fenway Park with a 2-0 win on Sunday night.

Clay Buchholz struggled early, as LA had the bases loaded in the first with one out but did not score. The Sox scored a run in the first on two hits that never left the infield. They added another run on David Ortiz' sacrifice fly in the third.

Buchholz went 6 2/3 innings to get his AL-leading 10th win (with David Price and Phil Hughes), with Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon adding terrific relief. Pap went 1-2-3 in getting his 16th save of the season.

The Sox are now tied with Tampa Bay for second behind New York, as the Rays were beaten in Florida. They are both one back. The Red Sox are now an amazing 39-19 since April 20th, when they were 4-9. That's the best record in MLB since then.

We saw an unusually high number of Dodgers fans this weekend at Fenway. But one stuck out. Tonight I saw a really dopey female Dodgers fan holding up a sign that said this:

"The Curse of Manny: 2007-2093."

I suppose she figures that Manny will "curse" the Sox and they won't win for another 86 years. Where have I seen this lame BS before? Oh yeah, remember when those pathetic MFY fans tried to market "2090" after the Sox won in 2004? Really laughable nonsense to look back on.

Anyway, I hope some Sox fans found that sign and burned it after the game. I wonder if this genius knows that her team hasn't won a World Series in 22 years. (I bet most LA fans couldn't tell you that.)

Have a safe trip back to Mannywood, dumbass.


Rick said...

This will be the year that Manny wears out his welcome in LA. Sox rolling but still looking forward to injured players returning especially Beckett and Ellsbury.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I think Manny already has, Rick. He's a free agent after this season and I doubt any teams will be lining up to sign him. They weren't two years ago...