Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks Curt

It's not a big surprise, but Curt Schilling called it a career today with an announcement on his blog. The debate will now begin over whether Schill is a Hall of Famer or not, but today I really don't care about that.

Thanks for all the memories, Curt.

Especially one very special one from October 19, 2004:

Thank you for making my life in New York so much more bearable, Curt, and for the reprise in 2007. If I ever get the chance to meet you, the drinks are on me.


Peter N said...

He will be missed, JQ. Wow.

Steel36 said...

Well along with Dave Roberts, Schilling will never have to buy a drink in Boston EVER!

also two thoughts-perhaps I can forget Glenn Davis now (as an O's fan it still hurts 18 years later)


"Hey Curt can I have my sock back?"