Friday, December 28, 2007

Is a Pats 23-7 Win the Beginning of the End?

Yesterday, I went to see the new Will Smith film, "I Am Legend." I have always been a fan of science fiction films, especially those futuristic "end of the world as we know it" movies. And I am also a fan of Mr. Smith's, so I figured I'd check it out before the year ended.
(Don't worry, I'm not going to give anything away in this post about the film in terms of how it turns out. So feel free to keep on reading if you haven't seen the movie and plan to.)

It's a very good film. It was quite scary, and even spooky, in parts. The film is based on the book "I Am Legend" that was written in 1954 by Richard Matheson, who is best known for writing the novel "The Incredible Shrinking Man" and a number of "Twilight Zone" episodes. (And he's a fellow Brooklyn Tech alumnus like Yours Truly.) The plot of the film is that a virus has gotten loose on the earth that was originally supposed to be a cure for cancer, and it has wiped out more than 90% of the world's population. Will Smith plays a researcher named Robert Neville who stays in an abandoned New York City looking for the cure to the plague. After three years, he lives what he thinks is a solitary existence with his faithful German shepherd. He continually puts out messages on the radio seeking other survivors, but without success. The scenes of an isolated Manhattan are simply incredible, with grass and weeds growing all over a city of abandoned cars and trucks. The borough truly looks like everyone's gone.

But Dr. Neville isn't alone. And I'll let you discover who's there with him when you see the film.

Will Smith gives a very good performance as Dr. Neville. But there were two scenes in the movie that stuck with me after it ended. (And neither one is a plot spoiler.)

Early on in the film, Dr. Neville is seen driving around Manhattan, with everyone gone. (They obviously filmed these scenes early on many Sunday mornings.) He's driving around Greenwich Village when he stops at a very familiar spot that caught my eye right away. He goes into the now-closed Tower Video store on Lafayette Street and East 4th Street, and picks up a few videos. (He is shown during the movie watching movies, and TV videos before the plague struck.) I couldn't help but get rather nostalgic seeing the store that I spent many hours of my life in for over 20 years. (They filmed the scenes there shortly before Tower shut its doors forever last December.) It also brought back memories for me of some dear friends, a few who are unfortunately no longer with us.

And the other scene that hit me was the very first scene in the film. It is from a cable TV news show, that has that news crawl at the bottom of the screen. I could help but read it, and one thing on it really struck me as being ironic. It said: "Giants defeated by the Patriots for the second time this season, 23-7." (The plague hits right after this scene.) Now, the Patriots don't normally play the Giants twice in a season, (and the film is actually set in 2009) but then I remembered that they did indeed play each other earlier this year, in preseason, and the Patriots won at Foxboro, 27-20. And of course, the Giants and the Pats are playing each other this Saturday night at the Meadowlands.

Does that mean that should the Patriots indeed win 23-7 tomorrow, is life as we know it on this Earth about to end?

I definitely recommend "I Am Legend." Especially if the Patriots do win 23-7 tomorrow.


Suldog said...

Nah, it means that if the Pats meet the Giants in the Super Bowl and win 23 - 7, it's The Apocalypse.

(Personally, I feel that the Giants just getting to the Super Bowl this year would be enough to signify that The End is upon us.)

The Omnipotent Q said...

Good point, Suldog. I wouldn't bet my life on the Giants getting to the Big Game, not with The Inferior Manning at the helm.

Jere said...

That stuff bugs me so much. When somebody involved in the film just decides to put in some random sports thing on the screen--the type of thing that every sports fan knows couldn't possibly happen, like an AFC and NFC team playing each other twice in one season.* And out of all the people that work on the film, not one notices it. A movie is supposed to try to make you feel like you're watching something that COULD happen. Mistakes that could easily be avoided ruin it for me.

But not enough to not see this one, as I've been planning on seeing it. (Plus, I was there for some of the filming, at Grand Central.)

And some people might say, "So everyone on Earth dying, leaving Will Smith and his dog behind in an apocalyptic New York is okay, but an incorrect football fact ruins it for you?" But you go in ready to believe anything, within the framework of the real world--a world in which AFC and NFC teams don't play each other twice a year. Ever!

*except for the Super Bowl and pre-season options, but in either case, the station would specify it.

Peter N said...

At least EVERYBODY gets to see the game! And the '72 'Phins had a week schedule that year, but they were great. Enjoy!! And have a wonderful, happy and HEALTHY New Year 2008!!

Peter N said...

I meant "weak"'s still early!!

The Omnipotent Q said...

That score might just have been some kind of inside joke among the movie's writers, or something like that. I just found it funny that I saw the film just before this second Pats-Giants meeting of 2007 (including preseason). Of course, they could meet again in the Super Bowl in February (not likely though). I have to admit I notice little things like that in movies. It surely doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the film. (And the scenes filmed at Grand Central play a big part in the movie, Jere.)

The Omnipotent Q said...

Have a Happy New Year, too, Peter. Should be a memorable night tonight, no matter what happens...

Paul said...

So much for all of you thinking the Giants couldn't make the super bowl