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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clemens Searches For the Real Steroid Abusers

I found it hilarious yesterday to learn that Roger Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, plans to launch an investigation into the allegations that his client was a big time steroid abuser in the Mitchell Report. In other words, this guy Hardin, who hasn't exactly dressed himself in glory throughout this mess, is going to launch an investigation into the investigation.

That's really going to be objective, isn't it?

Yep, Roger Clemens won't rest until he finds out who the real steroid abusers are. It certainly can't be him. You know this so-called investigation will do nothing but try to smear Brian McNamee, who basically rolled over on him and Andy Pettitte to George Mitchell and his investigators. Clemens basically lost any leg to stand on when his buddy Andy came clean (sort of) about the HGH McNamee supplied to him.

And I really can't wait for that farce of an interview he'll do with Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes" on January 6. He also plans to do a press conference that day. And you have to wonder what kind of softballs Wallace will toss at Clemens. Wallace, who's a Yankee fan and a frequent visitor in George Steinbrenner's box at Yankee Stadium, may not be the most objective of reporters to do this interview. (I've also noticed a tendency for some of these "60 Minutes" reporters to turn into "fans" when doing these interviews with star athletes lately.) I certainly don't expect to find the old "ambush" interviewer that Wallace once was on that show when he sits down with Clemens.

But then again, "objective" is a word that certainly can't help Roger Clemens these days.

Until he swears before Congress that he never took steroids, he can blather all he wants about how he's some kind of innocent man, the victim of some conspiracy by the Boston Red Sox or whatever, on every TV show in the land. Besides, why is he waiting until January 6 to have this press conference? If he is innocent, why didn't he have a press conference on the day the Mitchell Report came out? Mitchell also gave him a chance to refute the allegations even before the report came out, but Clemens refused to meet him.

Now he and his lawyer are in full spin mode, and it's really getting hilarious watching these guys squirm.

And on January 6, the dog and pony show should get even more pathetic, as Roger Clemens continues his Search for the Real Steroid Abusers, on nationwide TV.

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