All-Star Game at Washington

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Quote Of The Century

This was too good not to share. My pal Chris sent me an email today, which he called "The Quote Of The Century". It was an absolute beauty of a statement made by John Sterling, the lead voice of the Yankees on the radio. Derek Jeter had just gotten an RBI single in today's game, and out comes Sterling with this:

"...what a hit by the greatest clutch hitter in the history of sports, Derek Jeter."

And I thought Michael Kay was the worst of the Yankee shills.


Michael Leggett said...


"& That Single is brought to you by Cingular";

A Penultimate Shill if ever I've Heard One!

Julie said...

you have GOT to be kidding me. my god, yankee announcers are so ignorant sometimes. that is one of the most untrue things i've ever heard.

Peter N said...

Is he Cosell-like in the booth. As in having a couple pops while dooing the game? Absurdity!!!!! YAZ '67! Now that is clutch.