Sunday, July 28, 2013

Drew Belts HRs, Papi Belts Phones

It was one whackjob of a night for the Red Sox in Baltimore last night.

After being shutout on Friday night, the Sox came out swinging last night, at everything that moved (and didn't).

Stephen Drew belted two home runs to lead the Sox to a 7-3 win. His second one was originally ruled in play, but the replays later confirmed it cleared the fence in right. He had a triple, and appeared to be caught in a rundown between third and home, but the Orioles goofed it up and he scored. The umps looked at it, and ruled it a home run all the way, so we all had to pretend the goofup never happened. (But it did give Drew a HR and an extra RBI he would not have gotten had the play not been reviewed.)

I also saw something I don't think I've ever seen before last night. Jacoby Ellsbury singled while a catcher's interference occurred. That's the fourth time this year that he's been involved in one. I've seen plenty of catcher's interferences in my life, but I can't remember ever seeing a batter get a hit on one. Anyway, the umps ruled that the hit stood, as it moved a runner to third on the play.

But this night will be remembered as the night when David Ortiz exploded and took out his frustrations on the dugout phone. Papi took his bat and destroyed an unarmed bullpen phone. He was angry over yet more home plate incompetentcy, courtesy of Tim Timmons. He called an absolutely awful game last night, especially on Red Sox hitters. Papi was taking a 3-0 pitch that was obviously out of the strike zone and it was called a strike. The next pitch appeared to be close, but it was also called a strike. Ortiz than struck out on a pitch out of the zone, said a few choice words to Timmons, got back to the dugout, was tossed and then flipped.

Actually one of his blown calls helped the Sox. He should have called Manny Machado out on a called third strike, which he did not call. Machado was even walking back to the dugout when he realized it was called a ball. Machado then it then next pitch into a 6-4-3 double play to end the fifth inning.

Papi will be facing an obvious fine and will be suspended for his actions. For those who didn't see Ortiz going bonkers, here it is, courtesy of my friend Jere at A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory:

Boy, I don't think I ever want David Ortiz angry at me, especially when he's got a bat in his hands and is near a telephone.

The Sox win keeps them one-half game behind the smoking Tampa Bay Rays, who beat the punchless Yankees, 1-0. Baltimore remains 4 back, and New York 8 back in the East.

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