Monday, December 14, 2009

Lackey to Sox; Halladay to Philly; Lowell in Limbo

It's been a busy day in Major League Baseball, as Angels pitcher John Lackey took a physical today in Boston and it is being reported by ESPN that he and the Red Sox have agreed on a five-year deal worth about $85 million. The Red Sox haven't confirmed the deal yet.

Rumors are also ripe that a big three-team deal that would send Roy Halladay to the Phillies and Cliff Lee to the Mariners is about to be completed. The trade would also involve some minor league prospects going to Toronto, but ESPN has not named any of the players involved in that deal just yet.

And Mike Lowell is still property of the Red Sox, as he may need surgery on his right thumb, which he injured late last season. Texas may still make the deal, as they are satisfied with his right hip and are currently checking over the medical records on his thumb.

Lackey's signing with the Red Sox may signal a big trade maybe on the horizon, and many feel it will involve Clay Buchholz. Stay tuned.

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Matt said...

If you can't beat (hit) 'em, join (sign) 'em.