Red Sox Season Finale vs. NY

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nationals Pride

The Washington Nationals, the worst team in MLB and in the middle of what could be an historically bad season at 18-46, came into Yankee Stadium tonight and shut out the alleged Bronx Bombers, 3-0, and took two out of three in the series, after a 5 1/2 hour rain delay. (And they came very close to a sweep, but the Yankees came from behind in Game 1 and won, 5-3.)

The words of Michael Kay on YES in the moments after the final out was made:

"The Yankees, inexplicably and inexcusably, lose two of three to the Washington Nationals on their own home field."

Yankee fans, hang your head in shame.

The Red Sox play the Nationals in Washington beginning next Tuesday. I hope they were paying attention tonight and don't take them too lightly.


Steel36 said...

As a Nats fan who does wear a bag on his head, I am proud of these guys tonight.

Michael Kay's comments show a sense of entitlement. All the mighty Yankees had to do was show up because The Nats had no business being on the same field.

Well la-dee-dah, look what happened?
The Yankees sleep walked and the Nats played hard. It's the lesson of play hard and together so that you can win on any day. It's like The Nats took out their frustration on the schoolyard bully.

Look, I know The Nats are terrible with dysfunctional ownership but they are my team. How dare Michael Kay or anyone say that their team will wipe the floor of The Nats before a pitch is thrown. Hubris was punished and deservedly so.

Man, this is great! The Yankees were beaten by a team destined for over 100 losses (most likely) and whose manager and GM will be canned at season's end (probably) Karma has been served.

So John Sterling can take his Jeter-ian shots and stick it.

Man, if The Nats can do this to The Red Sox-ahem. Hey a guy can dream! That is all I have right now.

Michael Leggett said...

& The Nationals/Expos had damage done to them by that Putz, Omar Minaya.

Steel36 said...

I forget that! the deadline trade of Bartolo Colon for Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee AND Brandon Phillips in 2002. It netted Les Expos a half-season of Colon btw.

For the better part of this decade, The Nats/Expos have been like an impoverished backwater with dubious decisions all around.

So Omar has dragged two franchises into oblivion-not just one!

So, okay Omar where are the compromising photos of The Wilpons that you must have somewhere?

Dhalgren said...

A great comment from SOSH.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks Dhalgren.

I also like the fact that commenter on SOSH had The Beatles' Revolver LP as his avatar, too...