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Friday, June 09, 2006

Still Obsessed With Bonds

This is maybe a very little thing, but as I was watching the World Cup matches this afternoon (Germany-Costa Rica was a terrific match), I noticed something on ESPN2, and later the same thing over at ESPNews. On their Bottom Line that shows all the games and scores, they always list the games in the time order they are going to be played. (In other words, the games starting at 7PM are listed first, and the games beginning at 10 PM out West are listed last.) But today I noticed that they are listing the Pirates-Giants game first (which begins at 10:15 PM ET), even though there are games beginning in the East in the NL at 7 PM tonight.

Oh, I wonder why?

Why would the Giants game come before all the others? ESPN is still under the thinking that we as baseball fans care what Barry Bonds does every night. So now in all their updates the Giants come first. Only if I were a Giants fan would it matter to me. Pathetic.

When ESPN canned that Barry Bonds reality show a couple of weeks ago, I thought maybe they were coming to their senses.

Silly me.


Michael Leggett said...

I am FINALLY adding my blog & site links.
You're 1st up!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thank you so much Michael!

Peter N said...

Q, you're up on my links. When you put up my link, please make it say.....Peter's Red Sox Forever. And thanks, and go Jon Lester.

Peter N said...


Peter N said...

The way you have it is OK, unless you wanted to change it. I was hoping to see the Sox, now..but Muther Nature...