Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Trivia Q&A: July 23

We had another fine summer turnout for Trivia last night, as 11 teams took part. I guess I made the July Trivia round a little too tough, as the scores were on the lower side, but just about everyone bounced back in The Q Train lightning round. It was a three-team race to the finish as we got to the end, and three teams actually got all five questions correct in the IQ trivia round. But our friends from DIMS emerged with the victory, rolling up 50 points. Congrats to Ken, Michael and Darek on their win.

Second place went to X with 45 points, and we had a tie for third place between The Jabooties and Buck Foston with 37 points. The tie-breaker question was: "As of 2019, what is the population of the country of Iceland?" The Jabooties was closest to the actual answer (377,000) and won third place.

Best Team Name: Summertime and the Nachos Are Still Cheesy

Current Events
1. What TV drama series led the way with 32 nominations as the 2019 Emmy Award nominations were announced last week?
2. Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens died last week at the age of 99. What US president originally nominated him for the Court?
3. The World Health Organization declared that what African nation is in the midst of another deadly outbreak of Ebola virus, as it also was five years ago?
4. What Republican senator blocked an attempt by Democrats to pass an extension of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund last week, saying any new spending should be offset by other spending cuts?
5. What retail chain, which closed all of its US stores in 2017 after filing for Chapter 11, will open two stores this November, one in NJ and the other in Texas?
6. What superstar rock singer announced last week he has spent the last year writing a stage musical adaptation of the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” and it will debut in the U.K. late next year?
7. What comedy legend is about to make a standup comeback, and is close to finalizing a $70 million deal with Netflix for a series of comedy specials?

July Trivia
1. In July 1971, Doors lead singer Jim Morrison died at the age of 27 in what city?
2. In July 2013, Mohamed Morsi, president of what Middle Eastern country, was overthrown from power by the nation’s military?
3. Of all the presidents who have been assassinated in office, which one was shot in July?
4. What is the birthstone for the month of July?
5. On July 13, 1985, the Live Aid concerts were held simultaneously in what two cities?
6. On July 29, 1982, pro wrestler Jerry Lawler slapped comedian Any Kaufman in the face in a famous staged event on what network TV show?
7. On July 29, 1981, Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer before a TV audience of 700 million worldwide at what London church?

The Q Train: Born in NY or NJ Trivia
1. Jimmy Fallon
2. Joe Pesci
3. Lady Gaga
4. Peter Dinklage
5. Eddie Murphy
6. Shaquille O’Neal
7. Danny DeVito
8. Robert Downey Jr.
9. John Travolta
10. Michael Jordan

General Knowledge
1. Victoria is the capital of what Canadian province? (1 pt)
2. “I could have had class. I could’ve been a contender” is a famous line from what classic film? (1 pt)
3. Robert F. Kennedy served as a US senator from what state? (1 pt)
4. What is the most downloaded iPhone application of all-time? (2 pt)
5. The IKEA company is now headquartered in what European country? (2 pt)
6. What ancient Greek is considered "the father of zoology"? (2 pt)
7. What country is the largest cement producer in the world? (3 pt)

IQ Trivia
1. What European country celebrates “The First Day of Summer” as an annual public holiday every April? (4 points)
2. Robert Baden-Powell, a British war hero, is widely credited for founding what youth group in July 1907? ( 4 points)
3. In the early 1990s, what search engine started out as “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web?” ( 3 points)
4. In 1986, President Reagan signed a proclamation declaring what flower the national flower of the United States? ( 4 points)
5. The first modern credit card was created in 1950 when Ralph Schneider and Frank McNamara founded what card? ( 5 points)

Current Events
1. “Game of Thrones;” 2. Gerald Ford; 3. Congo; 4. Rand Paul; 5. Toys R Us; 6. Paul McCartney; 7. Eddie Murphy.

July Trivia
1. Paris; 2. Egypt; 3. James Garfield; 4. Ruby; 5. London and Philadelphia; 6. “Late Night with David  Letterman; 7. St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The Q Train: Born In NY or NJ
1. NY; 2. NJ; 3. NY; 4. NJ; 5. NY; 6. NJ; 7. NJ; 8. NY; 9. NJ; 10. NY.

General Knowledge
1. British Columbia; 2. “On the Waterfront;” 3. New York; 4. Facebook; 5. Netherlands; 6. Aristotle; 7. China.

IQ Trivia
1. Iceland; 2. The Boy Scouts; 3. Yahoo; 4. Rose; 5. Diner’s Club.

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