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Friday, March 28, 2014

It's RemDawg's Call

Last weekend, a new firestorm erupted after the Boston Globe published a column about Jerry Remy's son Jared and his arrest for the murder of his girlfriend Jennifer Martel.

Eric Moskowitz' column is a history of the younger Remy's resume of drug abuse and his terrible history with women. It's a terribly disturbing account of a young man with enormous problems, and in many people's eyes, paints a picture of his father Jerry as nothing more than an enabler that led to the death of a young woman.

There have been calls for Remy to step away from Red Sox broadcasts permanently. He sat out from last August until the end of the season after his son's arrest, and it looked like he might never return. But earlier this year, Remy made the decision to return to the NESN booth, with the Red Sox brass' blessing.

It is a ticklish situation for all involved. Every Red Sox fan seems to have an opinion on the subject, and mine is very clear: it is totally Jerry Remy's call what he wants to do. If the Red Sox front office are fine with his calling games in 2014, I'm on board with that. If it appears too much for him to continue and he ultimately decides to walk away, I would respect that decision, too.

I've even heard someone in a column yesterday (I wish I could find the link) say that Remy's son's case could have a detrimental effect on the Red Sox as a team. Are you kidding me? Listen, I'm sure Remy is a respected man by most, if not all Red Sox players, and I'm sure they have offered their sympathy and support to him and to the Martel family in this terrible time in their lives. But the players are professionals, and have a job to do. I can't see this affecting the team in a negative way. Once the season begins, the emphasis will be on the team and baseball (unless some new firestorm pops up).

I won't go into whether Jerry Remy was a bad parent and enabled his son to the point where it led to the death of Jennifer Martel. I'm in no position to judge Jerry.

Baseball is Jerry Remy's life, and in this awful time for him and his family, it maybe the best thing for him. He'll never be the same RemDawg he was. Whether you like him or not, or think he shouldn't be calling games on NESN, it is not for us to decide. It is ultimately Jerry Remy's call.

I hope Jerry and his wife, along with the Martel family, can one day find peace.

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